Project SAVE takes pride and joy in making the attempt to help others and advocate for others. In today’s society, we recognize that it can be a struggle to advocate for something as large as eating disorders, but any effort is worth trying for us. Through sharing Ashlee’s story, educational resources, and verbally educating adolescents and parents, Project SAVE is dedicated to being a helping hand to those who need it and may not think they need it.

We intend on educating, but also being a source for other resources such as treatment centers for help, help in Jackson, and much more. Money raised at Project SAVE not only helps the organization grow, but pays for resource materials, and more importantly help those who need proper treatment and cannot afford to do so. The rising issue of insurance coverage for treatment of eating disorders is still an unresolved challenge, which results in many people unable to receive the treatment they need.

“Without treatment, up to 20% of people with serious eating disorders die. With treatment, that number falls to 2-3%.”-NEDA, National Eating Disorder Association

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