New Beginnings

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I am so excited to finally see something happening with this. Project SAVE is something that my mom and I have talked about forever and with the help of Michelle and my mom things are finally happening.

A lot has happened this week and after today it has made me realize a lot. I definitely still have a lot to work on when it comes to building relationships back up with my family and my relationship with myself. A good relationship is something that an eating disorder will take away from you. This is why I want to make this organization so known and really help people. When I first started dieting I had no idea about anything that went along with this disease until I was in way too deep. I am so excited that I am finally able to not be embarrassed to tell my secrets to the world and share my worst times with everyone. I think Michelle, my mother and I both feel that if we can help one person we will be ecstatic!

There is one thing I have wanted to say especially after this morning and I really am not good with face to face words….but I definitely want to thank my family for being there for me through this all. I don’t think anyone going into this understands the toll it will take on the closest relationships you have…..until that time comes. I also don’t think anyone understands that aside from working on yourself how difficult it can be to rebuild the other relationships as well. This is what I am looking forward to making everyone realize.

I have realized lately that everyone deserves the best and there is definitely a better life out there than living with an ED.

 Here is a quote someone sent my mom that I LOVED!:)

“Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a Choice to take  Chance or your life will never Change.”

<3  Ashlee

Reality Setting In

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Finishing up the website has been such an exciting process, better yet, knowing that it will be viewed by people soon is even more exciting! Project SAVE, as an organization, is finally coming together and becoming a reality. Ashlee and I have been hard at work organizing our first eating disorder awareness walk, and we are expecting it to be a huge success! We knew how much work this would all be, but it will be worth it when we start to really make a difference.

As our first blog posting I would like to share one of my personal favorite inspiring pictures that many of you might recognize…Demi Lovato.



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