Ashlee Shepherd

Vice President

Ashlee has been with Project SAVE from the beginning. This organization is especially important and has a great personal meaning to Ashlee. She has battled with an eating disorder for seven years. After graduating high school and receiving her cosmetology license from a cosmetology school in Lansing, MI she moved back to Jackson,MI. Shortly after, Ashlee realized she needed to do something about this disease and entered a treatment facility in Ohio, River Centre Clinic. With the support and help of her family and friends her health has improved greatly and she is doing much better and still continuing to work on this. After staying at the River Centre Clinic for three and a half months she finally decided it was time to do something about this disease that she had battled with for so long and wanted to begin making more people aware about the dangers of this illness. Her goal is to make people more aware of the dangers of eating disorders and prevent it from happening to others. By increasing awareness and educating adolescents and young adults, Ashlee along with her team at Project SAVE hope to take a preventative approach against the disease. She feels with her going through this first hand and battling for so long that she can help many people conquer this disease.

Ashlee’s door is always open for those who want to learn more about her and those who need help. By sharing her story with struggles and accomplishments, she is strong in the idea that she could really help others.

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